Potato Foot

Though a lifetime sneakerhead, you’d be surprised to know that my feet, of all things, are my biggest bodily frustration. I inherited flat feet from my dad, and then passed them down to my kids; well, my daughters at least. My son has been able to escape the genetic curse, and I completely envy how fresh sneakers form to his arched feet. This flaw has never kept me from appreciating the variety of colorways, styles and brands. There have definitely been many disappointments in relation to the visible fit and comfort. My collection has mainly depended on these factors.

The many thumbs down include Chuck Taylor All-Stars, Adidas Gazelle, Puma Suede Classics and Nike Cortez; I turned them all into moccasins. Over the years, I’ve become committed to comfort first, how the shoe looks on my foot from all angles, and finally, how it will eventually look on my foot. I’ve learned to ignore the overhead profile, as this view was always unflattering. A wider outsole is always beneficial to how the arch of the shoe looks. The vamp (outside opposite of the arch) is always a big part of the decision, as if this bulges out, it’s an automatic no.

My custom last for the production of my first pair of custom shoes.

The interesting part about my various conversations around flat feet is that they are generally short, and the topic of similar challenges are rarely touched. I’m sure I can’t be the only sneakerhead that had flat feet… What’s your story? What shoe never worked for you? #teamorthotics #noarches